As the official publication of the Institute, Dialectic Journal is a transdisciplinary forum for the discussion, development and dissemination of dialectical thinking—not only in logic and philosophy, but also in such diverse fields as psychology, history, aesthetics, sociology, physics, medicine, critical theory, civil rights, etc.

The Journal provides a platform for demonstrating the power of dialectical thought by promoting new topics of research and stimulating constructive dialogue and mutually beneficial debate. By challenging traditionally accepted assumptions and bringing together disparate areas of study, unexpected outcomes and positive breakthroughs are possible.

Dialectic Journal encourages the dialectical investigation and critique of dominant paradigms, and the development of new perspectives through the application of dialectical reasoning. The submission of manuscripts pertaining to these and other related fields is welcomed throughout the year on a wide range of subjects.

Materials sought include: original papers, research notes, review essays, book reviews, critical discussions, dialogues, debates, interviews, etc. Creative, interdisciplinary contributions are invited, and joint research projects are particularly encouraged.
Proposals for special subject and guest-edited issues are also welome.

To contact the Editors, please email: