9th Meeting of the Association for Adorno Studies will be hosted this spring by the
Topics for discussion: Adorno and Arendt, Heidegger and Music
Centre for Social and Political Thought at the
University of Sussex (UK)—May 5–6, 2023

Hegel Congress of the Internationale Hegel-Vereinigung—2023
"The Self-Relationship of Philosophy and its Relationship to the (Other) Sciences"
Venue: Stuttgart—June 7–10, 2023

British Academy Conferences
"Hegel and the Hegelian Tradition in Political Thought"
British Academy/Wellcome Trust Conferences/University of Cambridge
–Robinson College, Cambridge—July 7–8, 2023

International Herbert Marcuse Society
Tenth Biennial Conference
"Critical Theory in Motion"
Frankfurt, Germany—October 5–7, 2023


Examining the Sources of Hegel’s Logic:
History of Philosophy, Mathematics & The Natural Sciences, Religion
University of Warwick—June 2–4, 2022

Theoretical Philosophy of Kant and Hegel
Annual Conference of the Society for German Idealism & Romanticism
Humboldt University of Berlin—16–17 June 2022

Future of the University
International Herbert Marcuse Society
Bogaziçi University (Istanbul)—June 22-24, 2022

Beyond Idealism: Exploring the Influence of G.W.F Hegel’s Thought
University of Sheffeild—July 15–17, 2022

Quantum Epistemology Beyond Quantum Measurement
(Early Career Summer Seminar Retreat)
University of Washington Pack Forest Conference Center—AUG 17–21, 2022

34th Hegel-Congress of the International Hegel Society:
The Spirit of Art and Culture
University of Zadar (Croatia)—Sept. 5–8, 2022

Hegel Society of Great Britain—Annual Conference 2022:
Hegel’s Philosophy of Right
St Edmund Hall, Oxford—September 1–2, 2022

Conference on Hegel's Aesthetics:
Hegel on Art as Social Practice
Boston University—October 1, 2022

Hegel Society of American—Biennial Conference 2022:
Hegel's Social and Political Philosophy:
200 Years of the Philosophy of Right
Scarritt Bennett Center, Nashville, TN—October 21–23, 2022

10th International Hegel Congress (1974) Moscow, USSR