Kritisches Journal der Philosophie (1802)
Hegel & Schelling were editors of
the Critical Journal of Philosophy
between 1802–3.


"Sixty years of Sartre’s Critique: Revisiting The Critique of Dialectical Reason"
—Robert Boncardo
Thesis Eleven (Dec 2020)

"The antinomies of the modern imaginary and the double dialectic of control"
—Craig Browne
Thesis Eleven (Dec 2020)

"The metaphysics of psychology and a dialectical perspective"
—Manolis Dafermos
Theory & Psychology (Nov 2020)

"Participative cultural productions of the oppressed: The master-servant dialectic through an Indian lens"
—A.C. Nisar
Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology (Nov 2020)

"The Dialectic of Digital Culture by David Arditi & Jennifer Miller" (REVIEW)
—Julia R. DeCook
Popular Communication (Nov 2020)

"Engels's Emergentist Dialectics"
—Kaan Kangal
Monthly Review (Nov 2020)

"Dialectic of Environmental Communication in Indonesian Conservation Area"
—Indriyati Kamil, Oekan Abdoellah, Herlina Agustin & Iriana Bakti
Environmental Communication (Oct 2020)

"Information Literacies of PhD Students: A Hermeneutic Dialectic Study within the Health Sciences"
—Elisabeth Nylander & Margareta Hjort
New Review of Academic Librarianship (Sep 2020)

"Psychosis as a dialectic of aha- and anti-aha-experiences: a qualitative study"
—Rob Sips, Zeno Van Duppen, et al.
Psychosis (Sep 2020)

"Social philosophy and social psychology: dialectic of interaction"
—Petro Gnatenko, Sergiy Shevtsov
Grani (Aug 2020)

"Bridging Partisan Divides: Dialectical Engagement and Deep Sociality"
—Michael F. Mascolo
Journal of Constructivist Psychology (Aug 2020)

"The dialectic of alienation and sociability: A Simmelian reading of the pandemic"
—John O’Brien
Irish Journal of Sociology (Jul 2020)

“A Reflective Note for Dialectical Thinkers” (CHAPTER)
—Cadell Last
Global Brain Singularity (BOOK) (Jul 2020)

"Hegel’s Dialectical Method: A Response to the Modification View"
—Andrew Werner
Canadian Journal of Philosophy
(Jul 2020)

"The dialectics of 'iron hook' and 'tofu': the shifts in Liang Shuming’s thinking in the 1950s and the 'duality' of Chinese socialist practices"
—Zhen Zhang, Jia’en Pan, Huiyu Zhang, Shixuan Luo & Tiejun Wen
Inter-Asia Cultural Studies (Jun 2020)

"Kant on the Sources of Metaphysics: The Dialectic of Pure Reason, by Marcus Willaschek" (REVIEW)
—Haag, Johannes
European Journal of Philosophy (Jun 2020)

"Slavoj Žižek and Dialectical Sophistics: On the Relationship between Dialectical Philosophy and Philosophical Rhetoric"
—Alexander Stagnell
Philosophy and Rhetoric (Jun 2020)

"A dialectical literary canon?"
—Hayley G. Toth
African Identities (Jun 2020)

"Rethinking cultural-historical theory: a dialectical perspective to Vygotsky by Manolis Dafermos" (REVIEW)
—Liubov Vetoshkina
Mind, Culture, and Activity (Jun 2020)

"From 'opposition' to 'fellowship': Analysis on the US-China Relationship according to the dialectics of I Ching"
—Kefei Xu
Educational Philosophy and Theory (May 2020)

"Advancing a Dialectical, Humanist, Critical Theory of Communication and Society” (CHAPTER)
—Christian Fuchs
Communication and Capitalism: A Critical Theory (BOOK) (May 2020)

"Identity Recognition as a Tragic Flaw in King Lear by William Shakespeare: Application of Hegel’s Master-Slave Dialectic"
—Malik Haroon Afzal, Mohamad Rashidi Mohd Pakri, et al.
International Journal of Applied Linguistics & English Literature (May 2020)

"The ‘dialectical’ theory of conservatism"
—Christopher Fear
Journal of Political Ideologies (Apr 2020)

"J.S. Mill on Liberty, Socratic Dialectic, and the Logic behind Political Discourse"
—Kazutaka Inamura
Journal of the History of Ideas (Apr 2020)

"Student–teacher dialectic in the co-creation of a zone of proximal development: an example from kindergarten mathematics"
—Svanhild Breive
European Early Childhood Education Research Journal (Apr 2020)

"Changes in the food supply capacity of alpine grassland ecosystem: A dialectic synthesis of natural and anthropogenic drivers"
—Yi-Ping Fang
Advances in Climate Change Research (Mar 2020)

"The Dialectic of Enlightenment as parody of anti-enlightenment thought"
—Justin Evans
Constellations (Jan 2020)

"‘I Interact Therefore I Am’: The Self as a Historical Product of Dialectical Attunement"
—Dimitris Bolis & Leonhard Schilbach
Topoi (Jan 2020)Cite this article

"A philosophical relation between Taiwan and Japan: models of dialectical thought in Mou Zongsan’s and Nishida Kitaro’s theories"
—Jana S. Rošker
Asian Philosophy (Dec 2019)

"Adorno, Marx, dialectic"
—Aidin Keikhaee
Philosophy & Social Criticism (Nov 2019)

"The dialectic of democracy: Modernization, emancipation and the great regression"
—Ingolfur Blühdorn
Democratization (Nov 2019)

"Mastery or Dialectic? Arendt and Adorno on Nature"
—Bugra Yasin
Critical Horizons (Oct 2019)

Explanations for cultural differences in thinking:
Easterners’ dialectical thinking and Westerners’ linear thinking

—Hiroshi Yama & Norhayati Zakaria
Journal of Cognitive Psychology (Jun 2019)

"The Dialectic of Nonsimultaneity in Bahaa Taher's Sunset Oasis"
—Karam AbuSehly
Arab Studies Quarterly (spring 2019)

"Emancipation and Sexual Politics in the Digital Age: Indeterminacy and the Dialectics of the Real"
—Matteo Stocchetti
DiGeSt (winter 2019)